April 18, 2014


Top Ten Things I’m Thankful for in 2011

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! This article has become somewhat of a tradition for me at CFTT.  I love doing it really.  Sometimes, we need to stop and reflect on those things in life that are a blessing when our lives are so hectic […]


CFTT Top Ten Week 13: BCS Chaos turns in to Nightmare

Ah, BCS Chaos.  The guys from the Bowl Championship Series like to say that the chaos is what makes the BCS exciting, but this might be a bit much.  With a host of one-loss teams sitting behind LSU and Oklahoma State waiting to make an argument for who should play in the title game, it […]

Boone Pickens Stadium

CFTT Top Ten Week 12: And then there were two . . . well, three

This past weekend helped us ironed out some uncertainties in the BCS.  No really, it did! Now we are down to two contenders and one BCS Buster, and the Buster ain’t (yes I said ain’t) who you think. With a BCS game on the line in the Fall chill air of Boise, ID, the Broncos […]

Boise State's blue turf

CFTT Top Ten Week 11: The Chaos begins for the BCS

It began a few weeks ago when Oklahoma forgot they had a game and Texas Tech came in and knocked them off.  They followed that up with a beat down of Kansas State.  With those two games, there were two less undefeated teams.  The build up had begun to find out who would be the […]

Gameday at Alabama

CFTT Top Ten Week 10: BCS or Bust!

Well, ten weeks in and we have the newest version of the “Game of the Century.”  Fans have been waiting several weeks to see LSU travel to Tuscaloosa to play Alabama.  LSU is number one in the BCS standings while Alabama is number two, and it isn’t even close.  Both teams have been drilling teams. […]

BCS 2010 Logo

CFTT top Ten Week 9

And so, the chaos begins.  Ah, the world of BCS football.  Every week I get an email from them telling me how great their system is while watching other normal sports decide the best team on the field in some kind of playoff.  As week speak, the Rangers and Cardinals are engaged in a compelling […]

Amber Leigh

CFTT Top Ten Week 8

It’s getting ridiculous really.  No, I am not talking about the play on the field this year in college football, although, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and Wisconsin are clearly, so far, the best teams in the country.  I am talking about conference realignment and the BCS.  Really?  A merger between the Mountain West and the Conference […]

Texas vs. OU

CFTT Top Ten Week 7

OU put a whipping on the Texas Longhorns, and they showed everyone that Texas isn’t quite grown up yet. Landry Jones is the real deal as a quarterback. However, the Sooners eeked out a paltry 90 yards rushing against the Horns and I’m just not sure that would work against an SEC team. Meanwhile, in […]

Clemson Football

CFTT Top Ten Week 6

Alabama made gator bait out of Florida while LSU rolled.  Did anyone really expect anything different?  Of course!  These are the two best teams in the land. What’s wrong with Texas A&M?  Two weeks in a row they have collapsed in the second half.  Of course, that was to two pretty good teams, but still, […]

LSU's death valley

CFTT Top Ten Week 5

Another week is in the books, and slowly but surely, we are starting to see who the truly great teams are and who the pretenders are. Alabama dominated Arkansas in Tuscaloosa and looks like a national title contender. And then, there is LSU. They seem to go on the road and do the unbelievable, continue […]