April 20, 2014

CFTT Top Ten Week 4

Kyle Field

photo by Ed Schipul

It’s about week 3 that we begin to realize we really don’t know much about teams yet.  However, that’s never stopped us from predicting and having a pre-season poll.  I digress.

So, I decided Florida State is better than I thought and Boise is definitely a top level team this year.  Or, maybe it’s that Ohio State is not.

1. Alabama–No doubting this one.  They cruised over North Texas and the Mean Green has already shown improvements from the past few years under new coach Dan McCarney.  The Tide clash with the Razorbacks this coming Saturday at Bryant-Denny.

2.  Oklahoma–The Sooners one the way you win big games on the road, by doing enough.  OU took Florida State’s best shot but reminded them why they are not quite in the Sooners’ league.

3.  LSU–The Tigers jump the Cardinal in my poll because they won a tough game on the road against a good team.  One day, LSU is going to have to score more than 19 points to win a game.  Well, maybe not in the SEC.  The Tigers may have to do it without Jordan Jefferson, but Jarrett seems to be doing just fine, thank you.

4.  Standford–The Cardinal is good, but they suffer from playing weaker competition in the Pac 10, something the cannot do anything about.  It might cost them come time to hand out championship game opponents.

5.  Wisconsin–I think that the Badgers are good, but it is hard to really tell.  They have soundly beaten all comers so far this season.  Unfortunately, none of them are ranked, and they only have two ranked teams on their schedule (at this point).  The first being in a couple of weeks when they host the Cornhuskers (October 1st).

6.  Texas A&M–The Aggies roll.  They are looking more than good so far this season.  Back-to-back games against ranked opponents Oklahoma State and Arkansas should tell us more.  However, I see them as the favorite in both of those games.

7.  Nebraska–The Cornhuskers have looked vulnerable the past couple of weeks giving up 29 and 38 points respectively.  What happened to those blackshirts?  They better hope they have the ready for Wisconsin.

8.  Arkansas–The Razorbacks were cruising against Troy when somebody forgot tell the Trojans they were supposed to go away.  The Hogs got punched in the mouth and had to come back fighting to hold Troy off.  Troy is a good team.  This was the best thing to happen to the Hogs.  They travel to Tuscaloosa to play the Tide this Saturday.

9.  Boise State–The Broncos are good, but we will never really know how good.  They have put big wins on two teams, both games on the road.  Unfortunately, they have only one ranked opponent on the schedule.

10.  Oklahoma State–The Cowboys keep putting up lots of points, but have failed to put the breaks on their opponents giving up an average of 27 points per game.  They get their shot at the Aggies this week.

CFTT Top Ten Week 3

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium, Flickr: dressler.michael

It was a red, white and blue weekend for teams as they honored the September 11 attacks that took place ten years ago.  We all remember, and suffer.  Nevertheless, we came out and enjoyed football which is in defiance of what our terrorist enemies would want.

It’s still early in the season and week two is rarely the place to make a statement.  Two teams really impressed and that was Alabama who won at Penn State and Wisconsin who blanked Oregon State

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We are all Americans on September 11th

Note:  I have been writing, in honor of Sara Low of my hometown, a blog post each year at our remembrance of 9/11.  This will be the fourth year I have written this blog post.  It is a testament to the strength of our country and, in particular, my hometown, Batesville, AR.

We have never forgotten, nor should we.  The most infamous day in my lifetime, by a long ways.  This is the newest generation’s “Do you remember where were?” moment, and it trumps the ones of my generation.

September 11 Tribute

Flickr: Brandan Loy

I watched from what seemed like afar in my Fort Worth, TX apartment.  It was the most surreal scene I had ever witnessed.  I was watching ABC with the late Peter Jennings narrating.  ABC put the best on the air to help us navigate what was going on.  Just a week earlier I had had what I thought was the worst day of my life.  It’s amazing what can happen in a week.

By the time I had gotten home from having breakfast with a friend, both towers had been hit.  TV was simply showing the fallout from the attack and speculating about what had happened.  While watching, the towers begin to fall before Jennings even noticed.  I was aghast.  I didn’t know what to say.

I thought it was far away from me, but I found out later that people I knew were directly involved.  Sara Low, the little sister of a girl in my high school graduating class was a stewardess on one of the planes.  I couldn’t believe what I heard and immediately had a heavy heart for the Low family, especially my classmate Alyson.

Tiny Batesville, AR where I was from, had been directly impacted and it was evident that this attack was more than an attack on New York City, the Pentagon or any other big cities.  No, this was an attack on all Americans and all of us in the United States.

Partisanship still reigns in this country.  Diversity is one of the things that makes us so great.  We have folks from all different walks of life and perspectives.  There are conservatives and liberals, whites and blacks, Asian Americans and Native Americans, Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, various religions and no religions and different types of lifestyles.  But the fact remains, we are all Americans.

And never before are we all Americans than on September 11th.  This is the 10th Anniversary.  Let’s reach across the aisle, let’s embrace one another and shake hands with someone not like us.  Let’s be Americans.

That was what Sara and the thousands of other victims were doing on September 11, 2001.  Let’s do that again. Let’s Remember!

We are all Americans!

CFTT Top Ten Week 2

University of Oklahoma

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/plmccordj/

I don’t really like preseason polls.  In the past, I have refused to do them.  The bottom line is we really don’t know about teams, and I sure didn’t.  My top ten is going to get blown up.

We’ve learned a few things about some programs.  For instance, this won’t be another magical run for TCU in Fort Worth.  They are, after all, breaking in a new quarterback along with a whole lot of other key positions.

And then there’s Auburn.  We knew last year’s team was special, but wow.  They may upset someone this year, but because of how the first game went, it will be an upset.  And, Oregon disappointed.

1.  Oklahoma–We don’t know much about Oklahoma, except that they might go to the Pac 10.  They whipped an instate “little brother” in Tulsa which they usually do, so we will have to wait.  Until September 17 when they go to Florida State.

2.  Alabama– They are good, but their win was against Kent State.  They go to Happy Valley to take on the fighting Paternos next week.

3.  Stanford–The Cardinal doesn’t play a ranked team until late October.  In the mean time, Andrew Luck will just pad his Heisman lead.

4.  Nebraska–The Cornhuskers took care of business.  They will be zeroing in on their future matchup with Wisconsin.

5.  LSU–I had Oregon number one and the Tigers dismantled them without their starting quarterback.  I hate to say it, but Les Miles has himself a great team.

6.  Texas A&M– The Aggies pretty much mopped the field with SMU.  The Mustangs beat themselves, but the Aggies had a whole lot to do with that.  The offense looks on target while the defense needs a little improvement.  Back-to-back games against Oklahoma State and Arkansas will tell us what we need to know.

7.  Wisconsin–The Badgers looked like a Wisconsin team, and their new QB impressed.

8.  Arkansas–The Hogs had a scrimmage Saturday and their defense looked really good.  However, they weren’t playing Alabama, whom they will in three weeks.

9.  Boise State–The Broncos still have Kellen Moore.  Moore carved up Georgia like Thanksgiving turkey.  We don’t know yet if Georgia is good, so we don’t know how good this win is.

10.  Oregon–They are fast and talented.  They just struggle when playing teams from the SEC, or was it inexperience?  Their November 12 match-up with Stanford is “must see” TV.

CFTT Preseason Top Ten 2011

In case you haven’t noticed, the college football season starts this week!  You probably thought I had forgotten, didn’t you?  Well, I haven’t, I’ve just been a little bit busy.

Here is the 2011 Preseason Top Ten as I see it:

1.  Oregon– This is the best team returning the most talent.

Oregon's Fans


2.  Oklahoma– They are everyone else’s number one team, but they didn’t play in the national title game last year.  They did get their first BCS win since 1942 (well maybe just a few years).

3.  Alabama– They have enough talent alone to be a top 5 team, and that coach they have is pretty good.

4.  Stanford–  One name.  Andrew Luck.  They are breaking in a new coach, but if he will just follow the plans of Jim Harbaugh, they will be fine.

5.  Nebraska– The black shirts have returned.  Bo Pelini has this program rocking.  They just need a consistent offense.

6.  Oklahoma State– They are still the second (or maybe third) best team in the Big 12 South.  However, the offense has firepower that few other programs in the country has.

7.  Texas A&M– Ryan Tannehill made a difference for the Aggies last year vaulting them in to a top tier team.  He is back to be starter for a full year to see what Texas A&M can do and to show the SEC they belong in their conference.  They get that chance in Arlington, TX against Arkansas whom they have yet to beat since renewing the rivalry.

8.  Wisconsin– Forget the Rose Bowl loss, Wisconsin is still a great program.  They have a power running game, a solid defense, and a new quarterback with starting experience.  They win another 10 games (or more).

9.  Arkansas– What?  You thought I would include LSU?  In case you haven’t seen, they are having some off-the-field problems.  Meanwhile, the Hogs are coming off a BCS Bowl game, they have an experienced defense, the best receiving corp in the country and a quarterback who went toe-to-toe with Cam Newton last year when Ryan Mallett was injured.

10.  TCU– The Horned Frogs finished number 2 last year and were 12-0.  Obviously, it was the best season in several decades for the angry little frogs.  They also lost a bunch of their firepower from last year including QB Andy Dalton.  Enter Casey Pachall.  He was even more highly recruited than Dalton and played really well in the last game of the season when Dalton was injured.  They return their top backs and they will reload on the offensive line like they always do.  On defense, they will  reload which is what Gary Patterson does.  They have the best linebacking crew in the country in Tanner Brock and Tank Carder.

After ten games Brandon88′s picks leads the pack

Ten games in the bowl season, and Brandon88′s picks is comfortably in the lead by 43 points.  But, there is 30 plus games.  Can he keep it up?

Foreigner, Grayhound, Jahiegel and tn ann’s picks round out the top 5.  Who will emerge as the challenger to Brandon88′s picks?

Twenty players are playing the CFTT Bowl Pickem.

CFTT Bowl Pickem Results

What do you want for Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all of the CFTT readers out there!  Thanks for following us for the 2010 season.

If you haven’t had a chance, be sure and see who the winners were for the 2010 CFTT Pickem.

What is it you want for Christmas?  A national championship?  Be with family?  A new car?  We all have lots of wishes for sure, but sometimes it’s best to be simple.  Enjoy the video by Mariah Carey who reminds us sometimes, it’s just the ones we love and being with them that we want, or need, for Christmas.

Love you Mariah! Can we officially make her a CFTT Crush?  You bet!

10 Most Dramatic Bowl Games

Since we are a top ten website, I wanted to share with you an article I came across yesterday.  The publisher listed the 10 Most Dramatic Bowl Games of All Time.  What do you think?  Are they accurate.

The article comes from BestCollegesOnline.com.  A pretty decent run-down of some of the best bowl games.  There are a lot of great finishing bowl games to be sure, and this is a daunting task to narrow it down to ten.

Check out the article and then weigh in on your top ten bowl games of all time!  Leave them in the comments section below.

AL’s Picks is the Champion

The 2010 CFTT Pickem Champion is AL’s Picks.

AL’s Picks is Alan Mar from Monterey Park, California.  Alan is a huge Oregon Ducks fan, and for the second year in a row, our winner’s favorite team is playing in the BCS National Championship Game.  Last year’s winner, George Robbins, also from California, was an Alabama alum when the Crimson Tide were playing for the title.  It worked for Robbins, will it work for Mar?

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Jessica Crews models CFTT t-shirts

Jessica Crews, one of the CFTT Crushes models her CFTT t-shirt for us!  As you can see, you can get a pink one too. . . . for your girlfriend or wife!

Thanks Jessica!