The land where one gets birth and brings up is known as motherland and when one needs to be loyal to it. It is equally important for the land as well as the citizens to have same emotions and feelings. The relationship of the citizens and land are highly valuable when it comes to the development together. The Independence Day is a golden day that celebrates the relationship of the children and motherland where the citizens celebrate the freedom of the motherland from the slavery of foreign rulers.

India got its independence on 15th of August 1947 after a hard struggle and strife of many years. This year people of India celebrated their day of independence with a lot of zeal and passion. Every year Indians pay reverence and respect to all freedom fighters who laid their lives to attain freedom. On this day President addresses the nation and prime minister also gives lectures from the historic Red Fort.

At the midnight stroke of the watch when the whole world will be asleep, India will rise to liberty and life. Always a moment hails which is very rare in history as people take a big stride to cast off old and adopt new so thatIndia may discover itself again.

People are indebted to Indians in a great way because they taught the world the art of counting. Without this art of counting no scientific discovery would have been possible.

It is a fact that India is considered to be the cradle of thehuman race and the place where human speech came into being. She is the mother of historical events, the granny of legends, and the almamata of tradition. In the history of man, the most precious and most informative materials are contained in the treasures of India only.

It is not worthwhile to ask what the country has done for you,but it is appropriate to ask what you have or can do for the country.

It will be meaningful to riseup high and impart reverence to those people who laid their lives for their motherland– India.

Bells of freedom have commenced ringing because the time for celebration has come with the advent of Independence Day.

It is very true that a person dies for the sake of an idea,but that idea will surely incarnate itself after his death in thousands of lives. This is the way how the wheel of development goes on,and the dreams of a nation are realised as India received ideas from forefathers.

Motherland always is in need of sacrifices

At the very beginning of the dawn of history, India commenced her never-endingquest and trackless time of centuries which is full of determination and the magnificence of her achievements and failures. As she has witnessed good as well as bad experiences alike but never forgot to strive for thequest and be oblivious to notions that made her strong.

Motherland always demands your blood for freedom and sustenance,and you never shy away from sacrifices.