April 21, 2014

Gameplanning the BCS Title Game

I love to read other bloggers as we all get ready for the BCS Title Game.  I have to give kudos to The Wiz for his post which lists the predictions of different writers in the sports world.  Check out his prediction post.

FedEx BCS Head Coaches Press Conference

The Wiz also has an article written by Wendell Barnhouse who used to be a writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and now writes for Big12sports.com.  Barnhouse addresses all of the numbers and motivations and other interesting tidbits for the big game.

You can also check out the Fanblogs post.  Also, Adam at Inthebleachers.net posted his thoughts following the ITB Podcast.  I think we all want to see a good game not another SEC blowout.  Of course, some Oklahoma fans have already claimed a national championship.  I think “Superman” will have something to say about that.

Merry Christmas from Collegefootballtopten.com

Merry Christmas from Collegefootballtopten.com to all my friends, family, readers and blogosphere friends.  I have decided to offer a Christmas Wish List, much like I did at Pegasus News (it will be up Christmas Morning), for some of my blogger friends.

John Paul Mitchell Hosts Annual Party

For the Finch at Spitbloodtcu.com
A win for TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl against Boise State.  Wait, that already happened.  O.k., for rest after returning home from San Diego where you watched the Poinsettia Bowl.

John at the Nebraska Sports Journal
I wish for you a win for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Gator Bowl against the Clemson Tigers.  Go Huskers!

For my friend Thomas at the Mean Green Cougar Red blog
A win for the Houston Cougars against Air Force in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl here in Fort Worth.  I usually root for the Mountain West Conference team, but in the case I will make an exception.  I know you have had a tough year this year with a hurricane, snow a few days ago, and a family member in a major accident.  I hope you get some good cheer.  By the way, I just noticed that I hadn’t put your site on my blogroll.  I am not sure how I left you off, and I am sorry.

Brian at Inthebleachers.net
I hope that your site continues to become king of the college football blogosphere because you are all class.  Also, I hope that Penn State upsets USC in the Rose Bowl.  I would love to see that, wouldn’t you?

For Doug at college football walk on
I hope that you are able to get enough nominations for the walk-on award so that we can get that first award out to a deserving kid.  Keep at it, it is a worth while award.

For Seth at Double T Nation
I hope that you keep on doing your stuff.  You may have one of the best school-centered blogs I’ve seen.  Also, here’s to hoping that Mike Leach teaches Houston Nutt how to run an offense.  “Guns up!”

Eddie at The Red Zone Report
Your site/blog may be the most comprehensive, mega-site I have ever seen.  I hope that you keep it going and are real successful.

To Josh at BigPurpleNation.com
Josh does a real good job of covering all things TCU.  Josh is also a stand-up guy.  My hope for you is that you can keep it up.  I also hope for continued success.

For Harry at GoMeanGreen.com
Keep up the good work Harry.  You guys do good work and you are really dedicated.  I hope that the dedication pays off in a successful football season next year for UNT.

For my readers like Lee Cochenour, and all of you who played in the DFW Pickem, have a very Merry Christmas!  God Bless and a happy new year!

Running the Spread: Next Stop, Football

As some have noticed, it’s a little hard to find something to talk about in sports right now.  We have just hit a slow time.  This past weekend, we saw a Tiger make a valiant effort to win the US Open.  This week, the Celtics finished off LA with a whap, and now the NBA is done.  There is Arena Football, which is fun to watch, but nobody really talks about it.  Major League Baseball is just getting started, and it has a long way to go to be interesting (not that I really care anyway),  And, a couple weeks ago, Lord Stanley found a new home.

There is racing, and, well, it may have more fans than any.  NASCAR, Indy, IMCA, World of Outlaws, and other assorted series around this country are really getting revved up.  I love dirt racing, particularly late model racing.  My favorite site for reading about late model racing is Latemodelracer.  And, while I think that racing is a legitimate sport and worth keeping up with, it rarely makes the headlines of a sports page.  Unless there is a fight.

Now, with all of that behind us, it is officially late June.  What does that mean?  Next stop, football.  All of the preseason magazines are out, giving us almost two months to digest what the experts think will happen this fall.  Gosh, what would we do the rest of the summer?  Of course, we here at Collegefootballtopten.com talk college football.  Therefore, next stop for us is college football.  I’ll leave the pros for someone else.

As for me, I will glancing Inthebleachers, listening to the Sunday Morning QB, searching for the Wizard of Odds, and writing about our Fanblogs.

Running the Spread: Top Ten Reasons I Like College Football

Why have a blog on college football? I love it. But why? What is it about college football that is so special? I’m glad you asked. Here are the top ten reasons I like college football.

10. Bands–When ABC does their commercials for college football games, what do you hear? The band. It is special! Everybody can remember hearing the Florida State Seminole Band do the war chant. What about the Ohio State band dotting the “I”?

9. Preseason Hype–The magazines come out in the early summer, and the excitement begins. Have you begun buying your magazines? Fans tout the fact that their team will be the national champs in just a few months. I saw this from a Baylor fan on the comment section of an article by Brian of IntheBleachers.net on the Fox Sports website. Huh? I guess everyone has a shot.

8. Uniforms–College football uniforms are great. They have color, they have style, and they are unique. Oregon sets the trend with their flashy uniforms. Let’s just say, they have their Knight in shining armor. Even the simple uniforms are classics, see Alabama, Notre Dame, and Penn State.

7. Controversy–We hate debating playoffs and who’s number one every year, don’t we? Sometimes I wonder. It has been noted (See Stewart Mandel) that controversy is part of the winning formula for college football. I still want a playoffs, but it’s hard to argue with the numbers.

6. Rivalries–The Red River Shootout (oops, I mean Rivalry), The Iron Bowl, The Border War (uh, Shootout), Army vs. Navy, World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, The Big Game (Cal/Stanford), The Egg Bowl, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, just to name a few.

5. Cheerleaders–They are cute, they lead the crowd in the traditional cheers, they keep the crowd loud, and they are really good students.

4. Stadiums–105,000 fans! That is just astounding. The Big House, The Coliseum, Between the Hedges, Death Valley. College football stadiums are unbelievable.

3. Statue of Libery/ The Hook & Lateral–Only in college football can you run these plays and they work.

2. Passion–College football fans are die-hard fans. Tailgating is a ritual. But don’t miss the game!

1. The Student Athlete–What I like about college football is, when a 3rd string tailback, can enter the game and rush for 205 yards and help lead an underdog to a big time victory. What a thrill!

Pre-Season Magazines

Thanks to the reminder of Adam at Inthebleachers.net, it is time to draw attention to pre-season college football magazines. Phil Steele’s will come out in June. What about the rest? I am still trying to find info.

I do know that Lindy’s puts out its National magazine on May 27, 2008. Street & Smith’s will be out on June 24, 2008. According to preseason.stassen.com, Phil Steele’s magazine is the best one in the previous year. What is your favorite college football pre-season review magazine?

My Short, Short List

In my first Short, Short List, I listed some books I wanted to read. Well, I have read one of those books. However, I have read at least a couple of college football books since then and am working on one now. Here is my new Short, Short List.

1. Meat Market: Inside the Smash-Mouth World of College Football Recruiting. Bruce Feldman. Good book, and here is my review of the book. By the way, if you are interested, Brian at inthebleachers.net has a podcast in which he interviews the author, Bruce Feldman. You can check it out here.

2. Fourth and New Orleans: How Tulane Football Survived the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrinea. Benjamin Hochman with Coach Chris Scelfo. My review for this book is here.

3. We Are Marshall. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox. A co-worker of mine who is not a big football fan told me that she cried when watching this movie. It is very moving and inspiring. Gives a bit of background on how freshmen were eventually allowed to play on varsity college football teams. If you love college football and feel-good stories, this is one you want to watch.

Coming Soon

Tarnished Heisman: Did Reggie Bush Turn His Final College Season into a Six-Figure Job?
by Don Yager and Jim Henry. Visit their website here.