April 18, 2014

Gameplanning the BCS Title Game

I love to read other bloggers as we all get ready for the BCS Title Game.  I have to give kudos to The Wiz for his post which lists the predictions of different writers in the sports world.  Check out his prediction post.

FedEx BCS Head Coaches Press Conference

The Wiz also has an article written by Wendell Barnhouse who used to be a writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and now writes for Big12sports.com.  Barnhouse addresses all of the numbers and motivations and other interesting tidbits for the big game.

You can also check out the Fanblogs post.  Also, Adam at Inthebleachers.net posted his thoughts following the ITB Podcast.  I think we all want to see a good game not another SEC blowout.  Of course, some Oklahoma fans have already claimed a national championship.  I think “Superman” will have something to say about that.

UNT Ranked Number 6

No, that’s not in the Associate Press Poll or the coaches poll or even in my poll.  That ranking belongs in Wendell Barnhouse’s Bottom 25.  You remember him don’t you?  Yeah, he used to write about college sports for Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram.  Now he writes for Big12Sports.com.  He is ranking the Bottom 25 over at The Wiz of Odds and UNT comes in at number 6.  UNT is not the only DFW team to make the Bottom 25, SMU came in at number 25.  You can catch all of the teams by checking out Wiz of Odds.

Barnhouse thinks that UNT’s hope lies in the hiring of Defensive Coordinator Gary DeLoach.  Of course, UNT’s offense was pretty good last year and should get better.  But, the real problem was the defense, and Gary DeLoach should help turn that around.

Here’s hoping that both SMU and UNT will not be in the Bottom 25 next year.

It’s Hot

Are you like me?  Have you been searching the internet and your favorite blogs to find out what has been going on in the first week of college football practices?  It’s August in Texas, and it is hot.  Two-a-days in Texas have begun from El Paso to Fort Worth, to Texarkana.  If you need a cool off, and you still want football, I have an article for you.  Da Wiz posted an article that tells the story of the first football game of the season anywhere, in Alaska.  And, it was cold.  Check out the article.

Ever woundered what happened to Wendell Barnhouse.  Barnhouse covered college sports for years at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  He was a veteran, and was well respected around the country.  Well, he left the Star-Telegram to write for, of all things, a website.  Barnhouse now covers the Big 12 full time at Big12Sports.com.  He is the Big 12 Insider, you’ll find the link in the navigation bar on the top right.  Right now he is doing a Bottom 25 at The Wizard of Odds.  Guess who is number 25?  SMU.  It doesn’t seem that Barnhouse thinks the Ponies will stay there.

“Is there hope?: Yes. Jones proved at Hawaii that he is capable of resurrecting losing programs. Phil Bennett, Jones’ predecessor, did a good job of recruiting and the school’s stringent academic guidelines have been softened. The pass-happy run-and-shoot (mostly shoot) offense Jones prefers is similar to the schemes used by most successful high school programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”