The arrangement of your HVAC unit effects the working and efficiency of it. It is therefore essential to know where to put it to get the best results with minimal energy requirement. You might consider placing the unit in that area of the house where you get the least visibility for it to keep away from sight. However, the choice of a wrong place might be affecting its performance. You should take some time to rethink the location of your air conditioning system to gain maximum out of it so that it has a longer life and better performance for years to come.

So where should I place the air conditioner for best performance?

Since an air conditioner works on the principle of drawing the air from outside and cooling it by pressurizing or compressing it, it requires a lot of work in the process. When the temperature outside the house is already high, the unit has to work even harder to cool down the air inside the house. It would take longer run time for the air conditioner that would lead to higher electricity bills, and the efficiency of the air conditioner might fall as well.

The ideal location for your air conditioning system

When you are about to look for the most appropriate place for your air condition system, you must keep the two factors into consideration to get the best results and performance.

  • The air conditioner should not get exposed to direct sunlight
  • The air conditioner should sit in slightly cooler area of the house
  • It usually is the north side of the house that suits the air conditioner unit at best

How to get air conditioning repair Bedford Texas?

The repair and maintenance of the air conditioning unit is a necessary task, and you need to do it regularly. You can do it all by yourself if you are skilled at it, but if you need the expert services, you can consult the Abundant Air Inc. for the best air conditioning repair Bedford Texas.

Tips for the placement of your HVAC unit

How to get maximum performance from already placed air conditioners?

If you have the air conditioning system already installed and the chances are minimal of relocating it, then you can go for some tips to modify the location and get the best results even if it is not in a perfect spot. Here are the ideas to maximize the performance of an outdoor air conditioning unit that sits in a hot place.

  • Arrange for a shade over the outdoor unit (this could be done in some ways depending upon the location of the unit and of course your budget)
  • Plant trees by the sides of your outdoor unit or you could place several planters around the unit (keeping in mind the clearance area for the unit as well)
  • Schedule regular cleanup for your outdoor units, so the chances to get the clogged filters are minimal